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Keele River, NWT- Canoe Trip (19 days), June- July 2019

        Guiding with Canoe North Adventures, I spent 19 days paddling the Keele River, starting at the Keele River & Tsichu River confluence and travelling down to the Mackenzie River. For the first 8 days of the trip, it was a group of three guides and myself conducting guide training, and running rapids ranging from class I to class III. On the morning of the 8th day, a plane with 13 clients met us on trail, one of our guides flew off trail, and the two remaining guides and I led the group for 12 days down the Keele River to the Mackenzie River.

Keele River, NWT- Canoe Trip (12 days), August 2019

        In early August, along with two other guides, I led a group of 11 clients down the Keele River, from just below the Natla River confluence out to the Keele- Mackenzie River confluence. The trip was the same route I had guided earlier in the summer and, despite cold weather- which featured snow in the mountains for all 12 days- everyone had a wonderful time and learned plenty about paddling and river hydrology.

Other Notable Trips

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (6 days), September 2019

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (4 days), September 2019 [×4]



Howell River System & McPhadyen River, NL- Canoe Trip (20 Days), July 2018

        Guiding with Camp Temagami for my eighth summer, I led a co-ed group of teenagers on a three- week trip in the Labrador wilderness. We spent the better part of two weeks travelling up the Howell River system, before paddling down the McPhadyen River. This was the most remote and longest trip I have ever researched, planned and led. Mid- summer snow and spring- like water levels came as a surprise; however, a successful trip to Canada's East has made me feel confident about researching, planning and leading remote wilderness canoe trips in the future.


Lady Evelyn & Makobe River, Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (21 Days), June 2018

        In early June, I headed out into the Temagami wilderness, with one other friend, to spend three weeks on a personal trip, prior to the summer guiding season. We spent one week travelling up the North branch of the Lady Evelyn River and Gray's River, before travelling down the Makobe and Montreal Rivers. 

Other Notable Trips

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (9 days), August 2018

- Wabakimi Provincial Park, ON- Canoe Trip (12 days), August 2018

- Dashwa Lake, ON- Canoe Trip (3 days), September 2018

- Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, ON- Hiking Trip (3 days), October 2018



Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (15 days), July 2017

        In my seventh year as a canoe trip guide for Camp Temagami, I led a 15 day canoe trip that started in Lake Matagamasi. From there, our group spent 15 days paddling east back to Camp Temagami. This trip included campers that had a wide range of paddling experience. This allowed myself and my co-guide to create many different learning opportunities for campers, including chances for campers to take on leadership roles throughout the trip.

Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (8 days), August 2017

        For the final session of the summer at Camp Temagami, I led an 8 day trip in the Temagami area. The route allowed for the group to be challenged both physically and mentally, as well as created many different learning opportunities. My co-guide and I focused much of our teaching on respecting the land on which we are travelling and the privilege that is associated with being able to canoe trip in the Temagami wilderness.

Other Notable Trips

- Quetico Provincial Park, ON, Canada- Canoe Trip (5 days), October 2017



Sturgeon River, ON- Canoe Trip (16 days), July 2016

        As a canoe trip guide for Camp Temagami, I led an introduction to moving water canoe trip that started at Smoothwater Lake, travelled down the Sturgeon River and ended at Camp Temagami. This trip allowed myself and my co-guide the opportunity to teach campers how to safely navigate rivers and allowed all eight members of the expedition to enjoy the beauty of remote Temagami wilderness. It also afforded me the pleasure of leading a canoe trip with my brother, which was a wonderful experience.

Lake Temagami, ON- Snowshoe Trip (3 days), February 2016

        Working for Appleby College, as an Outdoor Educator, I guided grade 10 students on snowshoe expeditions on Lake Temagami. I taught students how to properly build quinzhees, how to prepare for winter travel in order to maximize enjoyment, and how to navigate using map and compass. The trip allowed students the chance to experience the season of winter in a way that is not possible back at their homes in the city of Oakville. 

Other Notable Trips

- Lake Temagami, ON- Snowshoe Trip (3 days), February 2016 [×2]

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (9 days), August 2016

- Quetico Provincial Park, ON- Canoe Trip (3 days), October 2016



Lake Temagami, ON- Canoe Expedition (6 days), September 2015

        While working for Camp Temagami and ALIVE Outdoors, in September, I guided a group of grade 10 Greenwood College students on a six day canoe expedition, in the Temagami area. On this expedition, while working with a co-guide and teacher from the school, I taught the students about the Canadian wilderness, Leave No Trace principles and the importance of community, accountability and teamwork while travelling on an expedition together. 

Lake Moogerah, QLD, Australia- Hiking & Canoe Expedition (3 days, weekly), May - Aug. 2015

        Beginning in late May, I led classes of grade nine students on three day, multi- sport expeditions. The first night involved paddling on Lake Moogerah, and exploring a gorge by canoe. The first morning, we would wake early for a hike to be on the summit of Mt. Edwards (632m elevation gain) for sunrise. We would return to our campsite from the hike, pack up, and paddle to our next campsite. The following day, we would paddle back into Camp Laurence to complete our expedition.

Other Notable Trips

- Lake Moogerah, QLD, Australia- Hiking, Cycling & Canoe Trip (3 days), Run Bi-Weekly January- August 2015

- Moogerah, QLD, Australia- Hiking (3 days, weekly), January- August 2015

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (3 days), September 2015 [×3] 

- Tugela Falls, KZN, South Africa- Hiking Day Trip, December 2015


Other Notable Trips

- Sea of Cortez, La Paz, Mexico- Sea Kayak Trip (7 days), April 2014

- Missinaibi River, ON- Canoe Trip (20 days), July 2014

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (6 days), September 2014

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (4 days), September 2014 [×3]

- Adirondacks, NY, USA- Backpacking Trip (5 days), October 2014

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (8 days), July 2013 [×2]

- Madawaska River, ON- Canoe Trip (4 days), September 2013

- Georgian Bay, ON,- Sea Kayaking Trip (9 days), October 2013

- Adirondacks, NY, USA- Backpacking Trip (5 days), November 2013

- Gatineau River, Rouge River & Jacques Cartier River, QC- Rafting 

   Trip (6 days), September 2012

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (10 days), August 2012

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (9 days), July 2012

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (8 days), July 2012

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (10 days), August 2011

- Coulonge River, QC- Canoe Trip (22 days), July 2011

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (4 days), May, 2011 [×3]

- Temagami, ON- Canoe Trip (22 days), June 2010

- Coulonge River, QC- Canoe Trip (23 days), June 2008

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